Donation to Israel

Donation to Israel

Donation to Israel

“Charity equals all the other Commandments”

Talmud: Baba Batra, 9a

The most secure and reliable way of donation to Israel is through donating to Meir Panim – Israel’s largest assistance network for the needy.
We at Meir Panim, ensure that your donation reaches deserving people. 

Unfortunately, a large number of people in Israel are struggling with poverty, hunger, and life’s basic needs for their children. We offer support and assistance to people in need. Holocaust survivors, lone soldiers, people struggling with emotional stress and depression, facing financial problems, and many others dealing with loneliness or difficulties to interact with life in a normal way. 


Meals for Children

Delivering nutritious meals to students from disadvantaged families


Food Supply

Food supply for needy families. Both the basic and upgraded packages are available


Soup Kitchen

Our Soup Kitchens are located in various parts of the country and help thousands of people


Food Vouchers

We offer credit cards for food purchases made at retail chains


Challah for Shabbat

We provide challah to those in need every week to make sure they have a happy Sabbath

תמונות לסליידר_שבועות

Supporting the Elderly during Corona times

Now more than ever, we are providing support to the elderly during the pandemic

How do we help our community? 

By donating to Meir Panim you are helping families and elders. We provide food packages to families or elders who got even more hardships during the holiday season. We run a huge food-distribution project around each holiday, so they can enjoy and celebrate the holiday without feeling left behind. It might help them for a short time but they can enjoy a full, festive meal just like everyone else. 

While Israel is rising above the disaster of the pandemic that touched many lives in one year, it’s time that we get united and help those who are in desperate need of help more than ever. Many of us who have seen the devastation but were just lucky enough to survive are now realizing how lucky we are and feeling that we should somehow help our people. Donating to Israel isn’t complicated. You can even donate a small amount to support people in need. We know that small donations add up to bring a bigger change. 

In western developed countries, the concept of hunger seems to be lost in the culture of abundance. However, in Meir Panim, we encounter real hunger in our dining centers every day. The hunger is real and it is not going anywhere without lots of help from the community or Government. Every day hundreds of people visit our dining centers to enjoy hot, delicious, and free food. 

Donation to Israel

We do our best to help our local community and poor people without hurting their self-respect and dignity. We hire people with kind hearts and social awareness to come in contact with these people and provide them an empathetic treatment. 

Meir Panim has different branches in Tzfat, Jerusalem, Tiberias, Dimona, and Akiva. You can send donations to Israel for our projects such as Youth Clubs, The Power of Giving, After School Clubs, Meals for Children, Grocery Shopping Cards, Challah for Shabbat, Food Packages, Free Restaurants, Fighting Coronavirus, and Help the needy on Purim.  You can donate to us in the currency of Israel, the United States, and England. We are thankful for every penny you donate to Israel and its people. 


Donation to Israel: Invest in a Strong, Secure, and Prosperous Future for Israel 

Want to contribute to Israeli charities, but don’t know where to start? Israeli households suffer from food insecurity and are in dire need of assistance. Humans need food on a daily basis, and we require it for survival. Nutrition is very important for the development of a child. Well-fed children learn and develop more quickly, so they can become more involved in their communities as adults.

In addition to promoting food security, the Israeli organization Meir Panim also works to eradicate hunger, poverty, and malnutrition among Israelis. Since almost two decades, Meir Panim has assisted Israel’s poorest, most hungry individuals. It is obvious that you can make a donation to Israel if you wish to support Israeli charities. 

Donation To Israel: Why Should You Consider?

Daily wagerers have been affected by food and money shortages caused by efforts to stop COVID-19 from spreading. People who are already vulnerable have been exposed to food security risks due to lockdowns and containment measures.

Around 20% of the population ate three meals a day less than they would like to before the Coronavirus epidemic. Unemployment and the Covid-10 debacle pushed this ratio to alarming levels. Because of this, our people require our assistance more than ever.

Would you be interested in working for a humanitarian organization? We must look at these considerations and act to help the needy and poor people of Israel. Whenever you give a donation to Israel, you can feel confident that Meir Panim will do its best to use it for the people who deserve it most.  

Different branches of Meir Panim can be found in Tzfat, Jerusalem, Tiberias, Dimona, and Akiva. You can donate to Israel for projects such as Youth Clubs, The Power of Giving, After-School Clubs, Meals for Children, Grocery Shopping Cards, Food Packages, Free Restaurants, Fighting Coronavirus, and Help the Needy on Purim. In addition to the currency of Israel, the United States, and England, you can also make a donation to us. Your generous donations to Israel and its people are greatly appreciated. 


“Deeds of Kindness Weigh as Much as All the Commandments”

You have the chance to join our donor family and provide compassion to thousands of people throughout the country.

The costs are deductible for tax and charitable purposes.


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