Every human being needs to eat…every day…

Food insecurity is a situation in which a family is unable to meet their personal food requirements in the quantity and quality they need, and are forced to make do with only as much or as little as they can afford. Substantial food insecurity is a situation in which financial distress causes families to frequently lack food.

81.1% of the families in Israel enjoy food security. 8.3% of the families live with a sense of mild food insecurity. 10.6% live with significant food insecurity.

We at Meir Panim are committed to those 10.6% who suffer from food insecurity, and will do everything we can to diminish their need and offer them this security.

Meir Panim’s dining centers allow them to enjoy a restaurant experience just like everyone else, and to receive a nutritious and filling meal served by a waiter. This sense of security offers the diner more than just food; it provides him with peace of mind and with the emotional availability to relax and plan his next step.

A Holocaust survivor sitting in her home secure in the knowledge that every day, at the same time, a Meir Panim volunteer will arrive with good cheer and a nutritious meal in hand – will feel safer.

A child from a dysfunctional home heading from school directly to Meir Panim’s afternoon club – knows that he will be spending the next few hours in a supportive and embracing  structure, where he will be greeted with a hug, support, and homey food –things  one is supposed to have received at home.