Hungry Children Israel

Hungry Children Israel

Hungry Children Israel

Hungry children Israel

In the future world, man will be asked, “What was your occupation?” If he reply, “I fed the hungry,” then they reply, “This is the gate of the Lord; let him enter.”

Feeding hot delicious meals to hungry children in Israel is our highest priority. Meir Panim has been working since 2000, to support Israel by offering immediate humanitarian relief to those in need and by providing hot meals to the hungry and alone. 

Today Israel’s economy is facing many financial challenges to the day-to-day lives of many families finding it difficult to meet two ends. It became even more difficult for middle-class families to survive due to the rising unemployment and job scarcity. The concern is much larger for Israel’s underprivileged population. While the Israeli government has taken some initiative to help those living below the poverty line, it is still not sufficient to provide every family with food, clothing, and medical facilities they need. 


Meals for Children

Delivering nutritious meals to students from disadvantaged families

Food Supply

Food supply for needy families. Both the basic and upgraded packages are available


Soup Kitchen

Our Soup Kitchens are located in various parts of the country and help thousands of people


Food Vouchers

We offer credit cards for food purchases made at retail chains

Challah for Shabbat

We provide challah to those in need every week to make sure they have a happy Sabbath

תמונות לסליידר_שבועות

Supporting the Elderly during Corona times

Now more than ever, we are providing support to the elderly during the pandemic

Hungry Children Israel

According to a survey conducted by an Aid organization in Israel, nearly 2.3 million Israelis are living under the poverty line, almost a million of them are children. It is estimated that nearly one-fifth of the Israeli population suffers from food insecurity – that means over 1.6 million citizens of Israel don’t know from where their next meal would come. 

Thousands of children and families have to sleep at night without a proper dinner. However, unfortunately, it just doesn’t end here. Food insecurity and hunger are probably the worst feelings in the world that further lead to emotional and physical stress, lack of self-respect, and overall growth in children. 

Fighting Hunger in Israel

Hunger may sound like a distant concept in many developed countries but millions of Israelis are now unemployed and facing a real struggle to put food on the table for their children. No matter what kind of financial or emotional crisis a family is going through, no child deserves to stay empty stomach because their parents don’t have enough money to buy food. 

We at Meir Panim are committed to helping these children. Our ultimate mission to end hunger and food insecurity in Israel. We strive to deliver hot meals to impoverished families and children. We have served hundreds of thousands of warm delicious meals to children from poor families across the state of the country. 

Helping the Hungry Children of Israel

As a non-profit organization, we do our best to fight against poverty, hunger, and food insecurity in Israel. But we are heavily reliant on the donations of generous people who care and love for children or humanity in general. We appreciate all the support we receive and ensure that every penny goes to the right person. 

You can support our cause and donate now! Even your small contribution can make a big impact on the lives of many. 

Reasons you need to consider donating to Hunger Children Israel


What can you do to help hungry children in Israel? Among the children starting school in Israel this year, one in three will be in poverty. It is true that Israel suffers from famine. It had been that way even before the Coronavirus outbreak. 

The current situation of Israel’s socioeconomic status poses substantial challenges to many suffering families. It is unlikely that even middle class families can maintain control over their basic expenses.


Among Israel’s impoverished, this is of much greater concern. Even though the Israeli government has many programs that provide assistance to the poor, these programs do not provide them with enough food, clothing, or education to ensure their families have adequate living conditions. As a result, there are disastrous consequences. Many families and children do not have access to three nutritional meals per day. There is still a long way to go for these people, especially for the hungry children Israel

Children In Israel Have a Food Shortage

Many industrialized nations consider hunger to be a distant concept, yet millions of Israelis are currently unemployed and have trouble feeding their children. Even if their parents are going through financial or emotional difficulties, no child deserves to go hungry because their parents cannot afford to buy food.

The children of Meir Panim are in need of assistance. Our mission is to eliminate hunger and food insecurity throughout Israel. Our goal is to provide low-income families and children with hot meals. In communities all over the country, low-income youth have received warm, tasty meals.


Israel’s Initiatives To Help Hungry Children

As a non-profit in Israel, we do all we can to combat hunger, poverty, and food insecurity. We rely heavily on donations from kind individuals who care about hunger in Israel or humanity generally. We appreciate every bit of support we receive and ensure that every dollar goes straight to its intended use.

Contribute right now if you would like to help! Small donations can have a big impact on the lives of many people, particularly hungry children in Israel.

“Deeds of Kindness Weigh as Much as All the Commandments”

You have the chance to join our donor family and provide compassion to thousands of people throughout the country.

The costs are deductible for tax and charitable purposes.


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