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“Hunger is not merely a sense of lack – but real pain, sharp and fiery. Even worse is the pain of the neediness itself.”

In our Western society of abundance, the concept of “hunger” seems to have been relegated to distant history. And yet in Meir Panim’s dining centers, we encounter hunger every day. That hunger is right here, right now, and is not planning on going anywhere. We and you are both here to ward it off to the best of our abilities.

Tens of thousands of people all over the country come to our dining centers and enjoy hot, delicious and nutritious meals every day, with menus created by nutritionists to ensure the diners’ health and welfare.

We do our best to mitigate the social difficulties and the shame involved in this type of neediness, and design the restaurant spaces in expansive, well-lit and amiable lines to generate a true restaurant environment; to prevent, to the best of our abilities, the “soup kitchen” feel. We employ people with social awareness to come in contact with the diners and provide them with a shoulder and a listening ear.


ארוחות חמות בשנה ארוחות חמות ומזינות בסניפי מאיר פנים בכל רחבי הארץ


סועדים במסעדות מאיר פנים


מתנדבים ומתנדבות פועלים להעלות חיוך בפני נזקק וגלמוד

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Holiday Meal

For the holidays we are distributing Food shopping cards, Food baskets and Cooked dinner set to families in need

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Free Restaurants

Serving hot, nutritous meals every day

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Food Packages

Supplying families and the elderly with basic food staples

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