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The Coronavirus health crisis is here in Israel, and at Meir Panim we can’t stop our work, and continue to care for the elderly who are living during very uncertain times.

So we thought, and we checked, and consulted and have arrived at these two solutions:

1) We have transitioned all of our Restaurant Style Soup Kitchens to Take-away only. This allows us to continue to provide hot, nutritious meals without diners having to worry about coming in contact with others.

2) We have increased our meals-on-wheels deliveries. We have dozens of volunteers ready to bring hot meals to our needy client’s doorstep, especially for those in quarantine or self isolation.

“To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.”

– Abraham Lincoln

During these busy and stressful times, you too can be a part of the solution and support Meir Panim.



meals distributed every day around the country


take away containers a week


volunteers lending a hand

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