Meals for Children

Delivering nutritious meals to students from disadvantaged families

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Childhood innocence meets hardship and poverty…

The cycle of poverty has no face, no gender, and no age. All it takes is a parent struggling with a medical, emotional or financialcrisis to plunge the entire family to the brink of starvation. This cycle of poverty does not skip over children, either. These children go to school every day, lookingon longingly as their peers enjoy a vastly different life; relaxed, happy, full…

To help these children succeed in their studies and perhaps even break this cycle of poverty someday, we ensure their food security by delivering warm, nutritious meals to their schools for a nominal fee of 3 ILS (approximately 78 cents) per meal, and in extreme situations –free of charge.


warm meals לתלמידי בתי ספר בפריפריה ב5 מועדוניות


kg potatoes are peeled by our volunteers every year so that the children can enjoy homey, hot meals.


children in Israel live below the poverty line.


girls and boys volunteer their free time for the benefit of children from struggling families.

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