The Power of Giving

Collecting, adapting and distributing second-hand furniture and equipment to people in need

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There is a painful kind of neediness that is expressed in the inability to purchase appliances, furniture or necessary equipment for one’s home. Think about the fact that your old and dispensable piece of furniture or equipment can bring joy to someone, somewhere. It can chase away the shame of poverty and lack, at the same time also contributing to the environment through recycling and creating a better world.

“The Power of Giving,” one of our more exciting projects, is a unique platform for collecting and distributing old furniture and equipment. The collected equipment undergoes upgrading, cleaning and repair by volunteers of all ages and walks of life. Religious and secular teenagers from schools and youth groups, soldiers in the officers’ training course and IDF’s Southern Command who join us every month, a group of individuals with special needs, technicians and professionals who inspect every piece of equipment that comes into the center; all join us on a completely volunteer basis, putting their whole hearts into this unique program.

The equipment is then distributed to needy individuals in conjunction with the municipal social services. Everything is transported directly to their homes at no cost to them, with a smile and with love. Second-hand equipment is collected through The Power of Giving’s call center (*3656 from any phone) or through

Other Power of Giving projects include: distribution of knapsacks and school supplies prior to the beginning of the school year; collection and distribution of blankets and heating equipment to the elderly before the winter; and distribution of discounted school books for needy children. The Power of Giving works in full cooperation with the social services and government and military offices.


young volunteers offer their home-painting and transporting services to people in need.


destitute individuals are assisted every year through the Koach Latet warehouses.

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