Support IDF Soldiers

Support IDF Soldiers

Support IDF Soldiers

"Wealth Is Fleeting, Honor Winged, but Charity Abides "

Just like Meir Panim is fighting day and night to protect citizens of Israel from hunger and poverty, our soldiers are fighting on borders for the safety of Jews in the country. The safety of our soldiers is a guarantee of our safe future. Every IDF soldier believes in the sovereignty and independence of Israel and a better-unified world. 

At Meir Panim we want to support IDF soldiers just like you. We raise funds to provide support for soldiers living and serving in Israel without the shelter and care of their families. These soldiers from outside of Israel are young Jewish men and women who volunteer to safeguard Israel’s border because their hearts beat with Israel and feel dedication towards the safety of Israeli citizens. 

Israeli charity organization, Meir Panim understands the need for food security and is trying to protect Israelis from malnutrition, poverty, and hunger. Meir Panim has been helping the poorest and hungriest citizens of Israel for over twenty years. But the fight against hunger and poverty wasn’t easy without the help of our generous donors like you. 


Meals for Children

Delivering nutritious meals to students from disadvantaged families

Food Supply

Food supply for needy families. Both the basic and upgraded packages are available


Soup Kitchen

Our Soup Kitchens are located in various parts of the country and help thousands of people


Food Vouchers

We offer credit cards for food purchases made at retail chains

Challah for Shabbat

We provide challah to those in need every week to make sure they have a happy Sabbath

תמונות לסליידר_שבועות

Supporting the Elderly during Corona times

Now more than ever, we are providing support to the elderly during the pandemic

We Can Support Idf Soldiers Together

According to the statistics, around 7,000 soldiers are serving in the IDF, living without families, with almost 45% of these are not from Israel. There are even soldiers who had an abusive childhood, are orphans, or from families that disowned them when they decided to join the army. 

When everyone else is celebrating holidays or Shabbat, these soldiers have nowhere to go and feel alone or forgotten. These soldiers sacrifice a lot to serve our country. At Meir Panim we try our best to support IDF soldiers. 

How Can You Help? 

You can show your support and care for these lone soldiers by donating. We would provide hot Shabbat meals, holiday meals, or food packages to these soldiers. Meir Panim promotes the value of commitment, support, and care, forming a unified community against food insecurity, hunger, and emotional distress. We offer a platform that connects IDF soldiers to those who care and love to give. 

You can show your support and appreciation for IDF soldiers by treating them to a Shabbat or holiday meal. We bring hot and delicious meals to our defenders whenever they need it. We care about every soldier in need of our care or support, whether he is fighting in the field or a new trainee, a disabled veteran whose family is having difficulty making ends meet. When we discover any soldier in need, we step forward to offer a lending hand. 

Projects to Support Idf Soldiers at Meir Panim

We offer hot Shabbat meals to every lone soldier in need

We distribute food packages including food staples to the families of soldiers who are facing food insecurity. 

We deliver hot delicious meals to immigrant lone soldiers on days of festivals and holidays so they won’t feel alone and forgotten.

Show your support for the Israel Defense Forces today!

Supporting IDF soldiers: Why does it matter?

The Israel Defense Forces sacrifice their lives to defend and protect the Jewish people everywhere, and that is something we should be grateful for and support. A considerable number of soldiers serve alone, young men and women who have no family in Israel. Even without the support of their loving families, they bravely attempt to protect the place they call home. There are those who struggle to choose a career after serving in the military because they don’t have the resources to pay for training and education. This results in poverty and difficulties for immigrant soldiers.


Meir Panim aims to educate, empower, and support IDF soldiers during and after their service.


Supporting IDF Soldiers: Together We Make a Difference


The Israeli military is on the front lines to defend freedom throughout the world. This makes them deserving of our support. Is there anything I can do to extend my gratitude to the Israeli soldiers? Self-defense is essential for a country as small as Israel. 

To support IDF soldiers, one must be aware of and sympathetic to their situation. Our mission has also included supporting the Israeli Defense Forces in their fight against food insecurity, poverty, and hunger.

Anyone who wants to support IDF soldiers will be glad to know Meir Panim provides such an easy-to-use platform. About 45 percent of these brave men live outside Israel. Of the 7,000 IDF soldiers who live alone, approximately 7,000 are thought to live alone without anyone caring for them. There are soldiers in the ranks who grew up in abusive environments, have no family anywhere, or whose families have abandoned them.

Build a better Israel by supporting the IDF


It is our goal to make a significant impact on the daily lives of IDF soldiers and their families, both now and into the future. Support and empathy for these lone soldiers can be shown by donating to Meir Panim. Using your help, we could provide them with Shabbat meals or food boxes.


Soldiers in need are our first priority, whether they’re combat soldiers risking their lives, disabled veterans, or new recruits struggling to make ends meet. As soon as we recognize an opportunity, we take action.

Make Israel a better and safer place by supporting the IDF.

“Deeds of Kindness Weigh as Much as All the Commandments”

You have the chance to join our donor family and provide compassion to thousands of people throughout the country.

The costs are deductible for tax and charitable purposes.


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